10 Smart Ways to Help Pregnant Women Prepare for Childbirth

Things can feel fast when you are pregnant, but in the delivery room, it can feel much slower. Studies have shown that first-time mothers take 2.6 times longer than they did fifty years ago. So it hugely helps to know what to expect and try to make that time more joyful.

In this article, you will learn the ten smart ways to get ready for labor. You can start using these tips today if you are expecting.

Join a childbirth course

You can enroll as early as you want. Most classes are filled up fast. Each class takes about twelve weeks, which means you will need to start in the second trimester. Also, be sure to ask your doctor tough questions and “stupid” questions to learn about different stages of labor, so you know exactly what is coming. The more educated and prepared you are, the more choices you have during labor. The last thing you want is to arrive at the hospital and have no idea what is about to happen.

Study Up

Preparation pays off. If you are already in labor, it is too late to study up different methods of giving birth or ways to manage pain during labor. You want to know what to expect beforehand. Understand the three stages of labor, decide if you want to breastfeed soon after delivery, or situations that may require a C-section.

Focus and Be Strong

pregnant-momIf you are already a yoga practitioner, you know that the ability to focus is immense. You may consider learning the basics of yoga practice to help you meditate. Yoga will not only help you relax your entire body, but it will also strengthen your mind, become more flexible and help you relax your mind. Yoga will make the business of giving birth a whole lot easier.

Get Support

You will need both physical and emotion support to get you through labor. Studies have found that labor times are shorter as well as the decrease in C-sections and epidurals when women have a trained doula’s continuous support. They also have found that women in this group were more likely to attempt breastfeeding. Visit DONA website to help you find a location near you.

Stay true to yourself

Being yourself is important. You will hear many people make suggestions during labor. Listen, but do not feel pressured to go along with them if you are not comfortable. After all, it is your body, your baby, and your labor. It is best to stick to your guns. Plus, it is a good practice for when your child is a teenager.

Have a Few Trick up Your Sleeve

You may want to learn different ways to navigate pain during labor. If you do not know what your choices are, then you do not have any. So study up on techniques like self-hypnosis, heat pack application, position changes and different breathing methods.

Set the Environment

Most women prefer a dark and quiet environment is most preferred by most women during labor. You can ask your nurse to minimize the noise and dim the light in the room. You can even go further with it by having your favorite pillows, soothing candles, or a favorite pair of socks. A lavender scent is known for relaxing. It’s something you may want to try.

Talk to Mom Friends

mom-and-yogaYou will not have the same experience as other moms, but finding out about certain things can make your pregnant life easier and reduce the shock factors. Many subjects are considered “taboo” but are important to know such as diminished sex drive or leaking pee, just to name a few. So get the real deal from your mom friends. Once you go through childbirth, you can then contribute to your first-time-mon friends. If they struggle to get pregnant naturally, we recommend an ebook called Pregnancy Approach. Here’s a Pregnancy Approach ebook by Lauren Lee review site you can check out before making a purchase.

Get Your Partner on the Same Page

Talk about how your partner can help before and during the labor. Discuss what you will need from each other as different expectations can create conflicts. It is best to try to work out little details as ahead of time. Remember not to assume your partner can read your mind. You can hash out big decisions now, i.e. naming your baby, how to feed the baby or whether to circumcise. The list goes on.

Pack your bag

The goal is to make the hospital more comfortable. Get your bag ready a few weeks before the due date to ease your stress when your labor starts. You also want to stock up all the essentials needed for the baby such as an installed car seat, wipes, clothing, and diapers. But do not stress about having everything ready to go when the baby arrives, because you can wait on some items.

The Ultimate Gorgeous Bride Guide to Glowing Skin, Weight-Loss Tips, and More

Whether or not you’re the bride, every woman want to feel and look their best when they’re out at public events such as a friend’s wedding or their own! How do you ensure your pictures actually flatter them? How do you make sure your photo album is one you will be proud of to show your future kids? In this post, you will learn the ultimate and proven guide to achieving those things. We guarantee you will look your best at whatever picture-perfect affairs you are going to!


Plan ahead

It sounds simple, but you need to plan ahead for the best results. The morning of the wedding day is not the perfect time to experiment with nail polish, makeup or hair! If you have never worn big fluttery fake eyelashes, you may want to skip it or try them long before the actual day. It’s best to keep things simple and not too far off your comfort zone. Planning ahead in advance will help eliminate unnecessary stress and look your best as a result. So do your homework!

Choose the right makeup

There are tons of things to consider when it comes to choosing the right makeup for the wedding day. Of course, you want to look sophisticated yet sexy and beautiful in photographs. If you don’t have a budget for a professional makeup artist, then do a little research. Make your wedding magazines your best friend, or just look online for pictures. Better yet, go to different makeup counters and a free makeover! The makeup consultants are a valuable resource to women who are looking for the perfect shade and style for them. Just tell them you are preparing for a wedding and they will be glad to make recommendations on what product or style you should use. Typically, softer or more natural looks are appropriate for the event. Don’t go too dramatic.

Stay healthy

stay-healthyCreate a workout routine six months before the actual date. Try to fit in at least three times a week workout sessions into your busy schedule. This is the minimum requirement to see actual results on your body. Workouts not only shape and tone your body but they also great for reducing stress. If you can’t make it to the gym, you can try workout routines right at home. There are online courses you can use as a guide to proper workouts and diets. My favorite is the Beta Switch program, which takes care of both nutrition and exercises. They have proven results and you can read The Beta Switch reviews here. If you’re too busy to be committed to an exercise routine, do your best to be more active in your daily life. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, or bike instead of drive. Before to stretch before each workout.

Use natural light to your advantage

Plan a few photos with your wedding party outdoor around the same time of the year (or day). Dress accordingly for the best results. Professional photographers typically prefer areas with sunlight, but not direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can wash out your skin and cause distortion on your face. So choose an area where there is little shade for the fabulous photos. Always consult with your photographer as he or she is the expert. They know how to adjust the camera’s settings and lenses both indoor and outdoor. If you have any concerns, discuss it prior to the day, especially if the event is indoor and lacks natural light.

Practice your pose

practice-pose-weddingPractice flattering poses and smiling in front of a mirror by yourself can pay off big time. You can lock the door for privacy, practice and see what looks and feels the most natural to you. Plus, good posture can make you look 10 pounds slimmer in photos. You just have to learn which poses will work for your body type. In a nutshell, you should always stand up straight and do not slouch. Lifting your chin up helps elongate your neck. And remember to breathe!

Relax and enjoy!

If you’re the bride, your groom and you can create some fun couple activities to prepare for the day. For example, you can get a relaxing couple massage or spend some quality time giving each other a foot massage. You want to stay relaxed during such a stressful time. At the end of the day, it will be something you will never ever forget. Your special day should be enjoyed to the fullest with no stress, no drama, and no worries! The best pictures are the ones that you have fun and laugh. Those will shine through in your photos. Congratulations!

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